8 Things to do in Valletta

St. John’s Co Cathedral

Explore this magnificent Baroque cathedral in the heart of Valletta.  Rich in historic charm and elaborate interior including the famous Caravaggio Painting, ‘The beheading of St. John the Baptist’. The Cathedral is a masterpiece of art and architecture.

Barrakka Gardens

The tranquil upper Barrakka Gardens is positioned on the highest point of the St. Peter & Paul Bastion, offering panoramic views of the Grand Harbour, the Three Cities and Fort St. Angelo.  A Saluting battery is found adjacent to the gardens, which was historically used for firing gun salutes.  The battery has been restored and to this day the site still commemorates the passage of time through the firing of cannons twice daily, at noon (12:00hrs) and in the afternoon (16:00hrs).

Grand Master’s Palace

The Grand Master’s Palace dominates St. George’s square, in the very heart of Valletta.  It was built by the Knights of St.John and was the very first building constructed in the new Capital City.   The Grand Master’s Palace presently serves as the Office of the President and the House of Representatives.  The Palace is open to the public showcasing the State rooms, tapestries and armour.

Museum hopping in Valletta

For those Museum enthusiasts, one can delve into Malta’s past, by visiting the National War Museum featuring exhibitions from World War I & II, the Museum of Archeology showcasing some of the World’s oldest archaeological findings dating back to 4000 BC and last but not least the  Museum of Fine Arts knows as MUŻA containing excellent collections from local and foreign artists alike.

Walk through the Capital

Valletta is a walkable city, making it easier to stroll through the narrow streets. One cannot miss to walk through Strait street, famously known for its nightlife back in the 19th Century when the American and British Military would unwind after a day’s work. Strait street is just as lively nowadays after it has been revived in recent years with new bars, restaurants and live music venues.

Enjoy an afternoon aperitif or a local Kinnie in one of the many cafes and bars dotted around Valletta or visit the renowned shops available on Republic Street.  

The Three Cities

Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua are historical neighbourhoods of Valletta known as the Three Cities.  Take the traditional luzzu or dghajsa across the Grand harbour from Valletta’s waterfront and visit these beautiful and charming cities rich in history and unique charm. 

Illuminated skyline of Senglea at sunrise,Malta. One of Three Cities in Grand Harbour.

Teatru Manoel

‘The Manoel’ as it is referred to by the locals, is one of the oldest working theatres in Europe.  It is Malta’s National theatre, known as the best local performing arts venue on the Island, ospiting various cultural events such as classical music concerts, theatrical productions, and dance performances.

Casa Rocca Piccola

This is a ‘Live-in Museum’, a 16th Century Palace of the 9th Marquis De Piro, a noble Maltese family.  Casa Rocca Piccola is still privately owned and a live-in family home, open to visitors.  The Palace is rich in beautiful furniture, sweeping staircases, silver and paintings showcasing the beauty of Maltese nobility. Adding to the mesmerising charm of this Palace, one can also visit the World War II bomb shelter found in its very own courtyard.