Property Management Service

About our property management service

The property market in Gozo has, throughout the years delivered substantial return on one’s investment. Whether through capital gain or through rental income, investing in a property is very rarely a bad choice.

At deReday we can help you with your search for a dream home. If you aim to buy a rental property or already own one, you definitely need to consider our property management services. As you can see on this website we manage and run a good number of holiday homes in Gozo, all of a certain standard to satisfy our guests who repeatedly book and stay with us. Running a rental accommodation is not easy. Your property must stand out in a highly-competitive market. Quality furnishings and designer-inspired touches are not enough. You need the assistance of someone who’s ran the course, many times. At deReday we provide a comprehensive property management service, crafted through many years of experience in the holiday rentals sector.

What does the service consist of?

Income projections

After an initial property visit we will advise the owner on the income potential of the property. Also the suitability of the property for short holiday lets. It may be the case that your property is more suited as a long-term let property. In which case, we will help find responsible tenants.

Suggestions on how the property can be improved

Over the years we have developed a firm understanding of what holiday-makers are looking for as a holiday home. Guests’ requirements are constantly changing, so we will make sure your property stays ahead of the times. In such a competitive market it takes some imagination to make your property stand out. We will help you with this.

Applying for the Malta Tourism Authority letting licence.

We will go through the list of requirements established by MTA from time to time and make sure your property is and remains up to standard. If your property is unlicensed we will apply and get it registered.

Professional Photography Service

First impressions count. Without professional-grade images your property stands no chance. Our property management package includes the services of a professional photographer who will make sure the accommodation is showcased at its best.

Listing the property

Our holiday rentals website, gozoholidayhomes.com regularly ranks among the top in searches and will be the main source of revenue for your accommodation. The property will be linked and advertised on many online portals ensuring maximum exposure for your property, at no extra cost to you.

House-keeping, laundry, pool cleaning, etc.

We will run the various aspects of the rental setup. Services such as organising cleaners, pool cleaning, property maintenance etc, are all included.

Upkeep of your property

We make sure that the property is kept in a good state of repair through regular checks, even when unoccupied.

Want more information? Get in touch.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and offer you a bespoke property management service that suits you and your home.